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Provotek is a specialized staffing solutions company serving in the area of consulting, engineering solutions and industry automation. Provotek has been immensely successful to create a database of highly qualified talents that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Maintaining pace with projects and find the extremely talented individuals has become ever more challenging. Here is where Provotek helps you to bring the best talents for your organisation. Become a partner and get access to the database of professionals from mid level to executive.

All of our resources are highly qualified and nurtured in a multinational environment. We have a client base spread across the globe, enjoying the success of multiple projects. We work in a multi-dimensional, cross-cultured environment making the overall work experience enriched. We highly appreciate the expertise that our candidates provide with their several years of practical work experience from various industries which we like to leverage for the mutual growth of our clients and candidates.


  • Highly Qualified talents from Europe and Asia(B.Eng. & M.Eng. Graduates)
  • Exceptionally skilled and experienced team of recruiters
  • After Sales Support, E-CAD drawings, project design, engineering and more
  • High Contract rate renewal
  • German Project management support
  • Documentation support
  • End to End customer support
  • Support and guidance in all necessary documents in international services
  • "We are specialized in the area of HMI, C ++ programming, CoDeSys, Allen Bradley, S7, Tia Portal, PCS7, WINCC, Industrial automation, Special machine, System control, Project management, Project Controlling, Commissioning, System support, Remote maintenance, Cabinet, E-CAD, Draw circuit diagram, PLC Programming"


  • Consulting - Provotek provides highly experienced consultants in no time and no extra cost. We support in contracts, time tracking, taxes and payroll. Each consultant from us is duly verified and referred through our satisfied clients.

  • Interim hires and projects support - Provotek is always ready to provide interim workforce, whether its a short term contract or a long term. We always make sure that your projects complete within the timeline. We also provide the documentation support. Our interim work force is always available to take new responsibilities and face new challenges.

  • Full-time candidates - Provotek also provides the full time candidates for your long term projects or a regular employment. Our talent pool spread across Europe and Asia provides you the best candidates any time. We also support in documentation process for international recruitment.
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